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Recognizing the Sacrifices of Heroes

Gratitude for Guardians is an organization dedicated to preserving the heritage of firefighters and military veterans across America through preservation, restoration and recognition. These selfless heroes have dedicated their lives to protecting our way of life and we’d like to return the favor by helping to fund and fulfill projects that capture the history of their organizations.

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With every passing generation, we lose a treasure trove of memories, stories of courage and acts of bravery. Many personal experiences and acts of valor go completely unrecognized and are lost over time.

Gratitude for Guardians seeks to help veterans, firefighters and other first responders tell their stories through preservation, restoration and recognition. Our goal is to raise money – and thereby awareness – for heritage projects that preserve historic photos through digital scanning, recognize heroes with portrait photography, and transcribe their stories through interviews and video.

These efforts will enable future generations to appreciate the sacrifices of those who came before them. Your support can assist in our effort to preserve history and recognize the amazing sacrifice of America’s guardians. Gratitude for Guardians is currently awaiting 501(c)(3) approval, whereupon contributions will be fully tax deductible


Gratitude for Guardians was formed out of a desire to preserve history. Founder Tim Marchinda was, and is, a professional photographer for his entire adult life, and over the past 20 years, has had the opportunity to photograph veteran’s organizations and fire departments as part of his career. From WWII veterans to century-old fire companies, Tim has not only captured moments in time, but heard the firsthand accounts of bravery and heroism.

But even with discounted fees, not every veteran organization or fire company has the resources to invest in the photography, scanning and transcription to preserve their stories. And with the passage of time, more memories will be lost. Something had to be done.

After a great deal of thought and input from veterans and firefighters, Tim discerned how he could contribute in a meaningful way. Create a funding source to help veterans, firefighters and other first responders catalog their history, preserve their heritage and ensure that future generations recognize and remember the selfless contribution of these amazing individuals.

preserve the past and future